Tuesday, May 12, 2009

youda youda best.

smh at
  1. Drake on the radio... power 92.1 and 106.5 the beat to be specific. complete blasphemy.
  2. further more SMH at the fact that when they play "Best I Ever Had" they butcher the greatness of the song by replacing "you the fuckin best" with "youda youda best" [bahahhaha]

anyways... sometimes i find it hard for me to express exactly how i feel and what i think because it pulls me out of my comfort zone. to help cure this problem, i started up a blog so that i could put all of my wonderful thoughts into writing which is the easiest form of expression for me. recently, i have had brain overload due to a special someone who keeps my mind engaged and wondering ALL THE TIME... its all so hard for me to explain this amazing feeling i get thinking about this certain someone, but all i know is that its a wonderful feeling that i don't want to let go.
hopefully this post will help...

lately i've been smiling non-stop and everyone around me has noticed... i would like to attribute this partially to his wonderfulness ( in the words of Drake, "youda youda best")

this certain someone always asks me whats on my mind and i always have a hard time articulating everything... there is so much i want this person to know and so much i want to know in return.

pause... to avoid me having to keep typing certain someone, we will refer to this person as seinfeld.
ok, back to my blog post///

... Seinfeld is definitely someone special to me and thats why i'm always thinking about him. who else do you know that eats peas and applesauce mixed, loves Hannah Montana just as much as i do, and can school any and everyone on the basketball court???
sounds like a pretty amazing individual if i may say so myself...

  • is the best at making up jokes [insert all the sarcasm in the world]
  • makes the best chicken fajitas ever
  • always makes me smile
  • is the best wii fit partner ever
  • always suggests GOOD music for me to discover
  • and constantly keeps me wanting more ;-)

for a second, i had lost hope of creating a bond with someone who i was 100% satisfied with (emphasis on 100%) but Seinfeld has changed that

i lik3 how things are going between Seinfeld and I and I only hope that they continue to get better...

"no body can compare to you [boy] i swear, its only been a month but yet you're like my air. how can i ever breath if there is no air? for you i would give [a lot] just to let you know i care. they say don't settle down unless you think that [he] is the one. but you not in my life solidified is never fun." -Quest

just feeling like i'd rather be with you...

p.s. late night and that means one thing and one thing only... you on my mind.

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