Wednesday, April 29, 2009

featured blog

Ron Timmons gave me a shout out on his blog earlier this week so I wanted to return the favor...

so, I need all of my readers to go check out his up and coming blog [].

He's a very creative individual trying to start a movement. and, he's half Japanese so you know his shits on point.

signing off [ms. let me upgrade you]


chanel iman
made a guest appearance at the launch party for Matthew Williamson's capsule collection for H&M (which sold out in less than an hour)...

chanel pulled off a good look with this short, sequined, shirt/dress by topshop along with the braided headband. love, love, love it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

restless confessions

it's approximately 1:50am and i've yet to put a dent in all the writing i have to do for school. just a few more days until i'm free for the summer.

so i'm sitting here just starring into space, vibing to good music, and i have this weird, but good feeling going on inside of me. i can't explain it but i like it and it grows better and better with each passing day. as of lately, i've been smiling a lot. everything's good. not letting anything stress me [besides my cognitive psychology class but thats another story]. no complaints whatsoever. the weather has been beautiful. the summer is fast approaching. i've managed to surround myself with amazing people. i love my family. my life is great.

just missing one thing, but i know that that void will be filled soonerthanlater...

random thoughts in 5...4...3...2...1,

1. i can't stop smiling :)

2. nothings better than good chocolate and cold water as a late night snack.

3. india arie and john legend are coming to charlottesville.

4. current songs on repeat: and i: jill scott, anytime, anyplace: janet jackson, all for love: bilal

5. still writing about African feminism

6. i love simplicity. soft kisses. spontaneity. creativity. demeanor. summer nights. thought provoking conversation. late night pillow talk sessions. music that makes me feel. individuals. silence at the right moments. falling asleep with socks on and waking up barefooted. cool breezes. making others happy. pride. spiritual beings.

7. i really wish girls [especially college women] would stop wearing big neon colored plastic jewelry now.

8. i wish luther vandross was still alive today. along with w.e.b. dubois.

9. i wish i owned that pastel graphic print knit skirt by topshop that i saw in vogue's march [?] issue

10. happy birthday chris.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M

back in November, Vogue magazine reported that Matthew Williamson would be collaborating with H&M to create a summer 2009 collection.

"It is an incredible opportunity to be working with H&M, creating a 'Matthew Williamson for H&M' capsule collection. I love the fact that H&M has created a new phenomenon in fashion through the pioneering concept of collaborating with high-end designers to create one-off limited edition capsule collections. I am thrilled that my creations for H&M will be accessible to and hopefully enjoyed by so many people around the world," says Williamson

well... guess what? it's here. check out the colorful, bold, whimsical collection here [].

for all the ladies, like myself, who shop at H&M... you know stuff goes faster than fast so get yours now.
also. h&m clothing will be available online for purchase starting may 7th [best news i've heard ALL week]

super nanny needed

White Plains, New York (The Weekly Vice) -- Madlyn Primoff, a 45-year-old Scarsdale woman was arrested Sunday after she became angry with her two daughters, kicked them out of the car and then drove off.

According to police, Primoff kicked her 10 and 12-year-old daughters out of the car in downtown White Plains, before driving off.

Primoff's 10-year-old daughter told investigators she had been arguing with her sister when her mother stopped the car at and told them to get out. The 12-year-old chased after her mother's car and was reportedly allowed back in, however the younger girl was left alone.

A passerby who saw the girl crying bought her ice cream and contacted White Plains police. Officers searched the area but were unable to find the girl's mother.

Primoff later contacted Scarsdale police and reported the girl missing. The girl was identified when Scarsdale authorities called White Plains police about the missing girl. Primoff was arrested when she came to the station to pick her daughter up.

Primoff, who is a partner in a Manhattan based law firm, pleaded "Not guilty" Monday to a charge of child endangerment. A temporary order of protection was ordered, barring her from having contact with either of her daughters.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

sooner than later

drake will be performing in DC at Club Love.
Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 9:00pm.
it will be LIVE!

will i be there? i don't know...
i rather see him in a more intimate setting/ a bit more exclusive... not when all the drake "fans" who didn't know about him until "so far gone" come out...

theme song.

Click HERE to Listen to the MP3...

Monday, April 20, 2009

word of the week.

1) very high-quality weed, generally with red hairs on it.
2) pertaining to a long-lasting medical condition.

example: From smoking too much chronic, Joe ended up with a chronic case of the shaky-shivers.

p.s. let's not get it twisted, i do NOT smoke.

the take over

this is why my blog is dedicated to beyonce....
Since Beyonce’s going to London November 2nd to perform at O2, 100 British chicks decided to celebrate by dressing up like Bey and performing the entire “Single Ladies" video in the middle of London spontaneously.

p.s. solange is still my favorite

Sunday, April 19, 2009


my outfit last night
: simple, yet so cute. if you read my article in, you would know that all things "tribal" are in style this season... so last night i decided to showcase this trend. as i was going through my closet, i noticed a little black and white, tribal print tunic top that i never wear [that cost me a pretty penny] and i wanted to wear it but it was sheer and i had nothing to put under it [ so i thought]... so i gave up on that shirt as an option and went for the basic [an all black, double u-neck, body hugging american apparel dress] but then i thought to myself, "i have a similar h&m dress just like this that i wore like 4 weeks ago so i can't wear this". i got frustrated because it was getting late and i had nothing to wear. then something clicked, and i decided to put the sheer shirt over-top of the black dress and lets just say, the end result was fabulous. i was proud of myself because i always buy stuff that i NEVER wear but last night, my get-up was on point and i wore 2 items that i usually over-look.
my bed: LAWD! i love to sleep. i'm like a hibernating maniac [matter of fact, i'm going to take a nap after i finish posting] but anyways, i'm just taking advantage on the next few [emphasis on FEW] days that i will actually be able to get adequate sleep. finals are fast approaching and that means non-stop all-nighters for me. please pray for me.
: i was put on and now, i'm never jumping off. absolutely love every single word that comes out of his mouth. distant travels into soul theory: go download it ASAP.
my hair
: normally i put that chi to use and straighten my hair but i've decided to do something a little different and wear my hair curly the last few days... my hair is uber-thick and sometimes uncontrollable but i like wearing curls, especially since i can wake up, pull a few hair pins out, and have a super cute style that all the little [chicks] on grounds want to try to imitate now. i seent ya'll wannabes this weekend [bahahahaha] anyways... give up, you can not do it like me.
easter basket leftovers: yum!

spring fling: this weekend was a complete disappointment. wth??? since when is spring fling weekend worse than a normal weekend here at uva? this weekend just validated why i go home, to richmond, EVERY single weekend. smh, definitely passing up on it next year. i've lost all hope for my university. my hoos just can't get it together to save their lives. highlights of my spring fling weekend [um.... let me see.... uhhhh... im still thinking, get back to me and hopefully i'll have something].
no richmond
. its killing me. i just want to go HOME but i'm stuck here
jamie foxx's little discussion
on how he dislikes miley cyrus/hannah montana. shame on jamie. correct me if i'm wrong, but hes a grown ass man and the way he "dawgged" her was far from necessary.
angela davis: came to speak at my school about the "need" to abolish the prison system... i disagreed with all that she said. that is all.
pollen: the shit seems to be deadly. my allergies are KILLING me... eyes all puffy and swollen, nose runny, throat all itchy. but i guess its worth it because i love the warm weather and pretty flowers.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


50's retro glam look for the weekend. just experimenting....

got my Marilyn Monroe on real quick.

new posts coming soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

auf wiedersehen

"Project Runway is returning to television this summer — and it will air on Lifetime."

wtf? what happened to project runway being on bravo??? i am 100% against lifetime because they always depict women being abused by men [and never once have i seen a women depicted in an empowering light on this channel] but i might have to break my anti-Lifetime streak just to watch Project Runway

"the upcoming season of Project Runway relocated from New York to Los Angeles, though it will continue to be hosted by Heidi Klum and judged by Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Tim Gunn will also mentor the designers. As usual, the finale was shot during New York Fashion Week-- this year on Feb. 20."

Auf wiedersehen

word of the week:

echo chamber: a person who totally, obsequiously agrees with everything another person says.

example: “During the meeting my boss Jeremy calls on Jason, who’s a well-known management echo chamber to ask if Jason thinks the Company’s new and much stricter internet policy is a fair one. The rest of us spend the remainder of the meeting retching at the resultant tsunami of blatant ass-smooching.”

not a fan of the above described.

Monday, April 13, 2009

she still got it

i had started to believe that Naomi was only good for bitching around her assistants but apparently she's still got it.
Naomi posses for May's cover of Giant magazine and she looks young, fabulous, and fresh..

also... zoe saldana has a lovely spread in Giant this month

fav and notsofav list

new feature of my blog...
weekly lists of my 5 favorite and least favorite things of the week...
i had to add some new feature to my blog since i've abandoned male of the week and updates on America's Next Top Model (because it's extra boring this season)...

fav list:
  1. my easter basket: after whinning and telling my mom that she was failing as a mother because she didn't make me an easter basket last year, she finally got her act together and made one of the best easter baskets i've received to date. for the love of chocolate in carytown is the world's greatest candy store and has really good chocolate so i was happy to get a basket full of chocolate bunnies, chicks, ducks and other yummy stuff from there. i also got a cute plush bunny and edible grass (although it taste like the communion wafers at my church. lls.)
  2. spring fling: [me singing in the background: its the most wonderful time of the year]... in 2 short days complete and total chaos will break lose on the grounds of the university of virginia. for all those who haven't been blessed with the chance to venture to uva for spring fling, i just want you to know that you're missing out. basically spring fling is the ONE and ONLY time of the year when uva turns into a HBCU... black people everywhere!!! its oh so refreshing.
  3. vogue magazine lists the faces of the moment and two african american women make the list! both liya kebede and jourdan dunn made the list. only bad thing about this story is the absence of chanel iman and myself... for more, check out []
  4. asher roth's "how does it feel" video. just watch below... it speaks for itself.
  5. him.
least fav list:
  1. the hills: this weeks episode was a disappointment. hopefully next week will keep me wanting to watch.
  2. school: so many papers and books to read. hopefully i can get through it. on a better note... only like three weeks to go.
  3. no richmond for 3 weeks: along with #2... it saddens me that i will not be in richmond for the next three weeks. its going to be rough. i will be going through extreme withdrawals.
  4. facebook: facebook sucks now so i deleted mine... i might reactivate after this semester is over.
  5. maxwell's new song "pretty wings" is a complete disappointment. it just doesn't compare to the old stuff.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the reason why i have goals

isn't she lovely?
want, need, got to have. too bad its $1895.00.
anyone want to donate toward my "obtain this dolce and gabbana washed leather tote" fund?

on a more positive note: i discovered this marc by marc jabos nylon tote for $198. i'll settle.

favorite song for the day

Tabloids House (Remix) (feat. Jesse Boykins III) - MeLo-X

i now love MELO-X. you should too.

sex and the city 2

thank the heavens above. finally, all us sex and the city fans will get a sequel to the movie. i couldn't be any happier... the sequel is set to hit theaters May 28th, 2010.

according to MTV movies blog,

"Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will all return with director/writer Michael Patrick King.

So, what can we expect to be in store for the quartet? Details have yet to be released, but back in November Sarah Jessica Parker told MTV News’ Josh Horowitz that a little Big-Carrie bundle of joy would be out of character. “[Motherhood] doesn’t seem as if that’s going to be a choice she’ll make. It feels a little bit manipulative to toss that into the mix because she seems so pointed in a different direction.”

Whether it’s babies or boyfriends, the ladies’ return is sure to bring in the box office bucks next May."

anyone nearly as excited as i am?

ps. hannah montana movie this friday! [even more excitement :) ]

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


music is my life line. its that link in my life that completes the chain. of course, everyones a fan of music but i consider myself to be a fan of "good music". i don't limit myself to just one genre... i love it all. i can't even begin to explain the feeling i get when i can just vibe out to good music... here are my live and love playlists. enjoy.

  1. American Terrorist: Lupe Fiasco
  2. On & On: Erykah Badu
  3. Mr. Nigga: Mos Def
  4. False Media: The Roots
  5. We Major: Kanye West
  6. The 6th Sense: Common
  7. Summertime: Mos Def
  8. Sooner or Later: N.E.R.D.
  9. Made Up My Mind: Lyfe Jennings
  10. I Gotta Find Peace of Mind: Lauryn Hill
  11. Best of Me: Chrisette Michele
  12. Set You Free: Kem
  13. The Coolest: Lupe Fiasco
  14. Bird Flu: M.I.A.
  15. Streetlights: Kanye West
  16. Anti Matter: N.E.R.D.
  17. One Word: Kurt Carr
  18. Bittersweet: Kanye West
  19. Hate Me Now: Nas
  20. Diva: Beyonce

  1. The Truth: India Arie
  2. If I Have My Way: Chrisette Michele
  3. Like A Dream: Chrisette Michele
  4. Ultimate Relationships: Mary J. Blige
  5. Heaven: Kem
  6. Whenever, Wherever, Whatever: Maxwell
  7. Sweetest Thing: Lauryn Hill
  8. By Your Side: Sade
  9. Spoiled: Joss Stone
  10. Little Bit: Lykke Li
  11. The Panties: Mos Def
  12. Lonely World: Robin Thicke
  13. Any Time, Any Place: Janet Jackson
  14. Cosmic Journey: Solange
  15. Enchantment: Corinne Bailey Rae
  16. Lay Down: Floetry
  17. The Closer I Get To You: Luther Vandross and Beyonce
  18. So Amazing: Luther Vandross
  19. Mellow Smooth: Maxwell
  20. No One: Alicia Keys

Monday, April 6, 2009

let the countdown begin

Lauren, Audrina, and Heidi are back for season 5!
tonight. 10pm. MTV. don't miss it.
can't wait to find out what this season has in store for us... the previews were pretty intense so i'm getting excited.
30 minutes 'til showtime....

Sunday, April 5, 2009


hands down, the greatest soundtrack ever is the soundtrack for Love Jones...

i love the feeling you get when you rediscover a great thing and it makes you feel all good inside [lls].

i can remember way back in '97 when this album dropped and my mom keep it in heavy rotation and i was unable to appreciate the goodness of the soundtrack back then but it definitely has some great songs... especially Maxwell's Mellow Smooth track. i absolutely love this soundtrack and it will be in rotation all day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

the jump off

spring must-have trend that i'll definitely be rocking... jumpsuits!
i'm not a fan of the full one pieces but the cute little rompers are to die for.
i was a little apprehensive about this trend because i thought they only looked good on babies but... after seeing them all over the runways of fashion week i figured i could pull this look off.


i belong in this video...

p.s. im hoping that a certain someone makes me their super boo soonerthanlater.

114 year old pusher

Nigeria has made its largest marijuana bust ever...

Police of Tuesday seized 6.5 tones of marijuana from the home of a man. [6.5 tons!!! outrageous right?] but whats even more outrageous is the fact that the man was 114 years old.

"The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) said it had found 254 sacks of cannabis at the home of Sulaiman Adebayo in Ogun state, north of the commercial capital Lagos.'The quantity of drugs suggests a large scale involvement ... There is more to the case than Pa Sulaiman,' NDLEA chairman Ahmadu Giade said in a statement.Adebayo, who said he had been a farmer all his life, told police he thought the sacks contained rice."

thats crazy...

male of the week...

Djimon Houson

Mr. Africa Oh Wa Wa...
definitely worthy of "male of the week" after the long break this feature of my blog took
beautiful man with beautiful skin...
he's so beautiful, he gets two pictures

word. word of the week...

trusticles: having the balls to trust someone in a difficult situation.

example: I know I got my law degree online, but we're family. Show me you've got some big trusticles and let me defend you in court!

and here is another word since i've been MIA for like a week....

textually-frustrated: When texting with someone over IM or SMS that takes too long to reply leaving you waiting and frustrated.

example: "She takes forever; texting with Sara leaves me textually frustrated"

the examples they give are always outrageous lol.