Monday, April 13, 2009

fav and notsofav list

new feature of my blog...
weekly lists of my 5 favorite and least favorite things of the week...
i had to add some new feature to my blog since i've abandoned male of the week and updates on America's Next Top Model (because it's extra boring this season)...

fav list:
  1. my easter basket: after whinning and telling my mom that she was failing as a mother because she didn't make me an easter basket last year, she finally got her act together and made one of the best easter baskets i've received to date. for the love of chocolate in carytown is the world's greatest candy store and has really good chocolate so i was happy to get a basket full of chocolate bunnies, chicks, ducks and other yummy stuff from there. i also got a cute plush bunny and edible grass (although it taste like the communion wafers at my church. lls.)
  2. spring fling: [me singing in the background: its the most wonderful time of the year]... in 2 short days complete and total chaos will break lose on the grounds of the university of virginia. for all those who haven't been blessed with the chance to venture to uva for spring fling, i just want you to know that you're missing out. basically spring fling is the ONE and ONLY time of the year when uva turns into a HBCU... black people everywhere!!! its oh so refreshing.
  3. vogue magazine lists the faces of the moment and two african american women make the list! both liya kebede and jourdan dunn made the list. only bad thing about this story is the absence of chanel iman and myself... for more, check out []
  4. asher roth's "how does it feel" video. just watch below... it speaks for itself.
  5. him.
least fav list:
  1. the hills: this weeks episode was a disappointment. hopefully next week will keep me wanting to watch.
  2. school: so many papers and books to read. hopefully i can get through it. on a better note... only like three weeks to go.
  3. no richmond for 3 weeks: along with #2... it saddens me that i will not be in richmond for the next three weeks. its going to be rough. i will be going through extreme withdrawals.
  4. facebook: facebook sucks now so i deleted mine... i might reactivate after this semester is over.
  5. maxwell's new song "pretty wings" is a complete disappointment. it just doesn't compare to the old stuff.

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