Sunday, April 19, 2009


my outfit last night
: simple, yet so cute. if you read my article in, you would know that all things "tribal" are in style this season... so last night i decided to showcase this trend. as i was going through my closet, i noticed a little black and white, tribal print tunic top that i never wear [that cost me a pretty penny] and i wanted to wear it but it was sheer and i had nothing to put under it [ so i thought]... so i gave up on that shirt as an option and went for the basic [an all black, double u-neck, body hugging american apparel dress] but then i thought to myself, "i have a similar h&m dress just like this that i wore like 4 weeks ago so i can't wear this". i got frustrated because it was getting late and i had nothing to wear. then something clicked, and i decided to put the sheer shirt over-top of the black dress and lets just say, the end result was fabulous. i was proud of myself because i always buy stuff that i NEVER wear but last night, my get-up was on point and i wore 2 items that i usually over-look.
my bed: LAWD! i love to sleep. i'm like a hibernating maniac [matter of fact, i'm going to take a nap after i finish posting] but anyways, i'm just taking advantage on the next few [emphasis on FEW] days that i will actually be able to get adequate sleep. finals are fast approaching and that means non-stop all-nighters for me. please pray for me.
: i was put on and now, i'm never jumping off. absolutely love every single word that comes out of his mouth. distant travels into soul theory: go download it ASAP.
my hair
: normally i put that chi to use and straighten my hair but i've decided to do something a little different and wear my hair curly the last few days... my hair is uber-thick and sometimes uncontrollable but i like wearing curls, especially since i can wake up, pull a few hair pins out, and have a super cute style that all the little [chicks] on grounds want to try to imitate now. i seent ya'll wannabes this weekend [bahahahaha] anyways... give up, you can not do it like me.
easter basket leftovers: yum!

spring fling: this weekend was a complete disappointment. wth??? since when is spring fling weekend worse than a normal weekend here at uva? this weekend just validated why i go home, to richmond, EVERY single weekend. smh, definitely passing up on it next year. i've lost all hope for my university. my hoos just can't get it together to save their lives. highlights of my spring fling weekend [um.... let me see.... uhhhh... im still thinking, get back to me and hopefully i'll have something].
no richmond
. its killing me. i just want to go HOME but i'm stuck here
jamie foxx's little discussion
on how he dislikes miley cyrus/hannah montana. shame on jamie. correct me if i'm wrong, but hes a grown ass man and the way he "dawgged" her was far from necessary.
angela davis: came to speak at my school about the "need" to abolish the prison system... i disagreed with all that she said. that is all.
pollen: the shit seems to be deadly. my allergies are KILLING me... eyes all puffy and swollen, nose runny, throat all itchy. but i guess its worth it because i love the warm weather and pretty flowers.

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