Friday, February 27, 2009

haute coco

Karl Lagerfeld.
25 years as creative director.
former creative director of ChloƩ and Fendi.
set Chanel up as a fashion powerhouse.
i love his style. i love what he brings to the katwalks...

signing off [to to chanel]

guy of the week

i know you all have been waiting...
here he is.
[barack look a like- did a spread in Harper's Bazaar with Tyra Banks where he played Barack]
seriously, he could wife me if he wanted to.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

birthday girl, its your birthday...

20 years...
happy birthday to me [its time to get it in OVERTIME].
of course, i LOVE the roots so this is only appropiate for such a special day.

signing off [ms. grown and sexy]

2.26. growner and sexier word(s) of the week...
GROWN AND SEXY (since today is my 20th birthday i thought this was appropiate)

Ebonics for: 'Don't even think of showing up at my function in
in baggy jeans, Air Jordans, platinum chains, bandanas, and 3x white t-shirt. If you're not custom tailored, Armani or Versace-stay your ass home!...Also unless it's neo-soul,rare groove,or old school-you won't hear it here. Want radio hip-hop? Go to that white kids' club in the suburbs...And approach a Sista'with a little finesse. Leaning up against your homies' Escalade does not constitute "having game"...feel me?'"

in downtown.Doors open at 10PM.This party is for the GROWN AND SEXY."

yo... the people who write this shit be going off. but yeah, keep it grown and sexy

signing off [birthday girl]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

if your girl only knew...

nothing but the truth... every single word.
dang, i miss Aaliyah like shit.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

embrace your martian

just a few photos from when i was playing star wars... [i have a nephew hence why i was playing star wars].

sometimes i wish i could just go back to those days when i had no worries... i came home from school with a work sheet that took all of 6 minutes, then grabbed a fruit rollup and juice box, ran outside, rolled around in the grass, climbed trees, dug up worms, sidewalk chalk!!!, then came in watched Doug and Rocko's Modern Life... Double Dare 2000 and Legends of a Hidden Temple, then i could sit in the tub for my nightly bubble bath and i would play with my barbies [that were missing an arm and had heads that were sunken in] forever until my fingers pruned, then i would get out and go sit at the dinner table and my mom always made something i liked [now she be trying to be healthy and shit], damn i miss those days

Friday, February 20, 2009

that new new

Todd James, code name REAS, is the genius behind this print entitled "The New Deal"...
If this print reminds you of some other artwork, you might have seen other prints of his on the cover of Complex magazine.

best friend

chanel iman.
i've been in love with this girl since she made her debut in teen vogue.
her are some recent runway pics of her. enjoy.

kitty sittin' pretty

hopefully you've already heard... but just in case you haven't, i want to be the first to inform you of the lastest MAC cosmetics launch... a make-up line: by Mac, for hello kitty lovers

available at MAC counters near you.
get yours while they last, i know i will...

and check out the promo video below...

signing off [ms. hello world] you want to feel my magic?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

all american cover girl

First Lady Michelle Obama will be on the March 2009 cover of Vogue... definitely going to get a copy and you should to.
What I like about Michelle is that she is a "real" African American woman and she embraces her beauty. I love her confidence, style, and refreshing nature that she brings to politics, fashion, and life in general.

p.s. her dress on this cover is my FAVORITE color in the entire world so extra cool points for Michelle.

hello kitty

yes, i'm a fan of ms. hello kitty... and i was reading an article about this artist [Tom Sachs] who creates one of a kind, hand crafted Hello Kitty statues... its crazy how this simple design by Ikuko Shimizu debuted on a coin purse in Japan in 1974 and now its a craze all over the world. hello kitty is the ISH!

signing off [ms.touch her twice

VV Brown

she's bringing doo-wop back. VV Brown, a rising star on the scene, brings something new to the game. she reminds me a bit of my love Solange... her music is vintage but with a quirky twist that we can all love and appreciate. check out the video for her single: crying blood and let me know what you think.

signing off [becky]

Scott Mescudi

signed to Good Music Label.
debut album;;; Man on the Moon: The Guardians is scheduled to drop Summer [two thousand and get your NINE right]

pretty princess wishes

birthday gift suggestions
signing off [to to chanel]
p.s. this was in color earlier but ya'll know im OCD so i had to get rid of the pink... it was disrupting my overall vibe

next lifetime

maybe my new favorite song... although its old.
but erykah has a way of always speaking the truth.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my friend list [black history month edition]

so i went to a forum at my school today and the panel included former black graduates of the University of Virginia... some of you might not be aware, but the first African American student wasn't admitted to UVA until 1951 [Dr. Walter Ridley]

... as i listened to there stories i began to think about how amazing and powerful these people were. so i decided to compose a list of people [involved in the civil rights movement and the continuance of civil rights for blacks;;; some of who are still with us today and some whom passed away] who i wish were my friends!!!

pictured: Douglas Wilder, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Toni Morrison, Angela Davis, Julian Bond [my boo jank/ current professor], Cornel West, Roy Wilkens, W.E.B. Du Bois, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks

cause when i arrive, [i] i bring the fire

...these are a few of my fav-or-ite things...

cause when i arrive, i bring the fire
cause when i arrive, i bring the fire - by toria malia on

nope... i dont BANG wit em

so i got my bangs cut the other day [normally i just have my side sweeping bangs] but i decided that i wanted something a bit more bolder, edgier, and unexpected from me so i got blunt bangs cut [straight across my forehead]... umm i'm not feeling them right now [maybe they'll grow on me... maybe not] BUT until then... headbands all the way!!!!!!!!!!

my inspiration... yet again.
first it was my attempt at Rihanna infamous bob during summer 2007...
now my stab at this...
my hair cut actually turned out to look like this [cute right?] but its just not my look
rihanna, imma whoop yo ass next if you keep giving me these crazy ideas to go get my hair chopped and screwed

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

male of the week #2

his name is Orain Barrett.
he's sexy... thats all.

disco ballin'

so i was reading [yes, im a hood nerd] and this shit is absolutely hilarious...
so along with "guy of the week" i'm going to do a " word of the week".

BONUS!!! you get two this week... the first one is a little throw back that had me trippin over it a few weeks ago... i dont know how, but somehow Bobby James and i began to talk about "disco ballin" and we realized that we had two [2] very different definitions...

according to

Disco Ballin' is defined as such;;; After receiving oral sex from someone with glitter lipstick and or eye liner, a substantial amount of glitter is transfered to ones testicles, and or genitalia.
-EXAMPLE: "Dude, Jessica had this redonkulus amount of glitter makeup on . After she gave me dome i was strait Disco Ballin'".

second word this week... DEJA MOO: the feeling that you have heard this bull before.
-EXAMPLE: Katie: "How come you guys didn't go out and celebrate your anniversary?"
Nicole: " We were going to, but he had to take care of his little sister again."
Katie: "That sounds like deja moo to me."

chanel iman...

i absolutely am in love with chanel iman... no one can ever replace her [no homo]
Ms. Jourdan Dunn is growing on me. she has a classic beauty [not too exotic] which has a girl next door type of vibe. recently [ january 2009] jourdan and chanel [two of the baddest chicks in the game] came together to do a shoot for VOGUE. their 16 page spread [magical realism] featured designs by marni, rick owens, chanel, marc jacobs, louis vuitton, john galliano, and prada to name a few. these girls have some serious talent and i'm working hard to reach their spots [watch out...]

domo [no homo] but i love him...

if you wondering what you should get me for my birthday [which is fast approaching]/// have no fear, the DOMO doll is here.

yes, you're probably thinking why the hell does she want this "infinity chin" fuck;;; as my dear friend Ron. Tims would put it BUT... he's actually really cute.

DOMO is a strange creature born from an egg who lives in an underground cave with a wise old rabbit.... DOMO and his friends watch way too much television, listen to a lot of rock 'n roll, and when he is nervous or in a bad mood, he breaks wind...

he's like my freaking clone. except i'm way cuter. i need ONE... preferably the one that is poseable.



so on Valentines day... the runway under the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tent was dripping in girlie, pink, sparkling blissfulness... designers [including Vera Wang and Calvin Klein] showcased their beyond project runway worthy design skills with their creations for none other than the baddest, most FAB chick walking the streets... [NOT ME! nor BEYONCE] but BARBIE!!!

the show was one to remember... life like dolls wowed Barbie and Fashion fans as they strutted down the runway in HUMAN SIZED BARBIE GET UP!!! the pieces had a youthful and fun flare which was rather refreshing. hair was on point, make up was on point, everything was good.

wish i was in that show... maybe next time

photos courtesy of Getty Images

Thursday, February 12, 2009

favorite quotes of all time...

  • "you must choose between what the world expects of you and what you want for yourself" -James McBride
  • "put them in the black truck, so many hoes they lapped up" -Wiz Khalifa
  • "some niggas recognize light, but can't handle the glare" -Common
  • "all the [boys] give it to me, i ain't got to take it"-Ron Brows
  • "and i'm scared of being the only shadow i see along the wall, and i'm scared the only heartbeat i hear is my own" -Beyonce
  • "cool off thinkin we local, come on homie, we major" -Kanye
  • "if the rain stops and everythings dry, she would cry just so i can drink the tears from her eyes" -Lupe
  • "yall be chasin, I replace them, huh?" -Jay Z
  • "you won't lag behind, because you'll have the speed. you'll pass the whole gang and you'll soon take the lead. where you fly, you'll be the best of the best. wherever you go, you will top the rest" -Dr. Suess
  • "lead me on [boy] if you must, take my heart and my love. take of me all that you want" -Maxwell
  • "i got so much that i want to do, i just want to be close to you. i got so much that i want to do, but i can show you better than i can say" -Mos Def
  • "when a songs full of soul, thats when it means more" -The Roots
  • "i'm taking back the things i got from you... and that includes my sweet little nookie too"- Beyonce
  • "its like yesterday i didnt even know your name, now today you're always on my mind" -India Arie
  • "this day to day action on earth just don't appeal" -Kelis
... just a few;;; maybe i'll do a part 2 one day.
signing off [ms. heartless1]


my favorite beyonce video/song... and inspiration for my blog. please enjoy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

why does my brain work like this???

anyone who knows me well knows than i over-analyze to the billionth power...
like really... i read so deep into things that i miss the whole picture all together.
clearly this will be my downfall in life. so many times i make assumptions based on my poor analytical skills and they always seem to backfire on me [well not always but a lot of the time]

my mom always told me that i think i know everything and unfortunately this is true [i do think i know everything]... BUT after making an ass of myself today and making my self vulnerable to ones judgement and basically putting myself out there i've realize that i must learn to stop.

STARTING NOW... imma step back and stop over-thinking [with the rate i'm going... my brain will explode by the time i'm 25]... imma stop being so critcal of everything i'm told. imma start taking peoples word for it [and if their word turns out to be complete bullshit... oh well]...

ugghhh why does my brain work like this?
why must i be so critical of all that i'm told?
why must i jump to conclusions so fast?
... i guess its a safeguard i've put in place to keep from getting hurt?!??

p.s. sorry for basically calling "you" a liar

signing off til next time [ms. IT girl]


i was going to wait a little while before i got into this topic but since its fresh in my mind... i might as well discuss it now.....

simply put... i can't stand [99.9%] of the female population that i know.

why? you may ask...

well for one: why is it that when a girls EX [or not so much EX] starts talking to another girl... she automatically gets mad at that girl and not the guy. like really tho chick... your man played just as much a role in this as i [if not more].

two: girls stay hating. learn to embrace the next chick, respect the next chick, appreciate the next chick... no need for the jealousy and unnecessary evil glares. life is way too short to walk around hating the next person. believe it or not, you're the only one losing sleep over it. i've always been the type who paid respect when respect was due... other girls need to learn to do the same.

three: DRAMA! the one thing i try to always avoid... i hate it with a passion. GIRLS, the one species here on earth that seem to always keep that shit going. "okay boo boo... we know you don't like me and [quite frankly] i dont like you... but must you remind the world whenever you get a chance"... ALL THE DRAMA IS NOT NECCESSARY... what good has ever come out of drama??? none that i can think of.

with all that being said... ladies, try to learn to be cordial to the next girl. i'm not saying you have to be "buddy buddy" BUT you most certainly dont have to put on the "stank face" everytime you see her... "smile, happiness you
can model it"

valentines day...

"love is in the air, so i put on a gas mask"

... just a few short days away from the day intended for celebrating love.
i don't have A valentine (i got a FEW... hey! pimpin ain't easy. lls.)

but anyways... with this day approaching i began to reflect and think about what is love???
i'm not talking about the love i have for my family and friends... but the other type.
looking back on past relationships, i've realized that i've never been in love [just EXTREME lust].
i've always been a "guys girl" meaning that i just happen to be cool with a lot of males and i've always had lots of male friends... i love each and everyone of their friendships but i'm beginning to wonder if any of those friendships can move onto something more. i'm a sucka for love and i secretly love being in a relationship... unfortunately, i've always put up this front that "i'm just in it for the fun... not looking for anything too serious" and i think thats beginning to backfire on me now. i guess i'm just wondering how do i go about moving a friendship into something more and if its really worth it?...

anyways i need to go do some school work
signing off [to to chanel]

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

...boy of the week i was reading some one else's blog and they had a "girl of the week" and of course, i decided it would only be right if i did a "guy of the week"

so here goes week #1.

brian peters... male model [ford], 5'11", 170 lbs of sweet deliciousness.

certainly that time...

okay. so this is my first official blog. reflecting on the past few months of my life, i've realized that there is a lot of stuff that i always have running through my head so i figured it was time to put my thoughts into writing.

being that my blog is new... i'm going to be working on in really hard for the next few weeks in attempt to get it off to a good start and capture lots of readers.

my title comes from my favorite beyonce song: kitty kat. its off of her b-day album which is one of my favorites... this song is what i describe as one of those "giiirrrllll, tell it like it is songs" and therefore i love it.

many people start blogs with themes behind them and i have yet to come up with one for mine (and i may never do so) but
basically i will be discussing everything from music, to love, to fashion... and all the in between.

look for more to come.
and i hoped you enjoyed [signing off... toria malia]