Wednesday, February 11, 2009

valentines day...

"love is in the air, so i put on a gas mask"

... just a few short days away from the day intended for celebrating love.
i don't have A valentine (i got a FEW... hey! pimpin ain't easy. lls.)

but anyways... with this day approaching i began to reflect and think about what is love???
i'm not talking about the love i have for my family and friends... but the other type.
looking back on past relationships, i've realized that i've never been in love [just EXTREME lust].
i've always been a "guys girl" meaning that i just happen to be cool with a lot of males and i've always had lots of male friends... i love each and everyone of their friendships but i'm beginning to wonder if any of those friendships can move onto something more. i'm a sucka for love and i secretly love being in a relationship... unfortunately, i've always put up this front that "i'm just in it for the fun... not looking for anything too serious" and i think thats beginning to backfire on me now. i guess i'm just wondering how do i go about moving a friendship into something more and if its really worth it?...

anyways i need to go do some school work
signing off [to to chanel]

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