Tuesday, February 17, 2009

disco ballin'

so i was reading urbandictionary.com [yes, im a hood nerd] and this shit is absolutely hilarious...
so along with "guy of the week" i'm going to do a "urbandictionary.com word of the week".

BONUS!!! you get two this week... the first one is a little throw back that had me trippin over it a few weeks ago... i dont know how, but somehow Bobby James and i began to talk about "disco ballin" and we realized that we had two [2] very different definitions...

according to urbandictionary.com...

Disco Ballin' is defined as such;;; After receiving oral sex from someone with glitter lipstick and or eye liner, a substantial amount of glitter is transfered to ones testicles, and or genitalia.
-EXAMPLE: "Dude, Jessica had this redonkulus amount of glitter makeup on . After she gave me dome i was strait Disco Ballin'".

second word this week... DEJA MOO: the feeling that you have heard this bull before.
-EXAMPLE: Katie: "How come you guys didn't go out and celebrate your anniversary?"
Nicole: " We were going to, but he had to take care of his little sister again."
Katie: "That sounds like deja moo to me."

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