Tuesday, February 17, 2009


so on Valentines day... the runway under the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tent was dripping in girlie, pink, sparkling blissfulness... designers [including Vera Wang and Calvin Klein] showcased their beyond project runway worthy design skills with their creations for none other than the baddest, most FAB chick walking the streets... [NOT ME! nor BEYONCE] but BARBIE!!!

the show was one to remember... life like dolls wowed Barbie and Fashion fans as they strutted down the runway in HUMAN SIZED BARBIE GET UP!!! the pieces had a youthful and fun flare which was rather refreshing. hair was on point, make up was on point, everything was good.

wish i was in that show... maybe next time

photos courtesy of Getty Images

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  1. Ahaha, Barbie is like the messiah to me! she is the shiz, and im in love with the dress in the first picture! <3