Wednesday, February 11, 2009

why does my brain work like this???

anyone who knows me well knows than i over-analyze to the billionth power...
like really... i read so deep into things that i miss the whole picture all together.
clearly this will be my downfall in life. so many times i make assumptions based on my poor analytical skills and they always seem to backfire on me [well not always but a lot of the time]

my mom always told me that i think i know everything and unfortunately this is true [i do think i know everything]... BUT after making an ass of myself today and making my self vulnerable to ones judgement and basically putting myself out there i've realize that i must learn to stop.

STARTING NOW... imma step back and stop over-thinking [with the rate i'm going... my brain will explode by the time i'm 25]... imma stop being so critcal of everything i'm told. imma start taking peoples word for it [and if their word turns out to be complete bullshit... oh well]...

ugghhh why does my brain work like this?
why must i be so critical of all that i'm told?
why must i jump to conclusions so fast?
... i guess its a safeguard i've put in place to keep from getting hurt?!??

p.s. sorry for basically calling "you" a liar

signing off til next time [ms. IT girl]

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