Tuesday, February 10, 2009

certainly that time...

okay. so this is my first official blog. reflecting on the past few months of my life, i've realized that there is a lot of stuff that i always have running through my head so i figured it was time to put my thoughts into writing.

being that my blog is new... i'm going to be working on in really hard for the next few weeks in attempt to get it off to a good start and capture lots of readers.

my title comes from my favorite beyonce song: kitty kat. its off of her b-day album which is one of my favorites... this song is what i describe as one of those "giiirrrllll, tell it like it is songs" and therefore i love it.

many people start blogs with themes behind them and i have yet to come up with one for mine (and i may never do so) but
basically i will be discussing everything from music, to love, to fashion... and all the in between.

look for more to come.
and i hoped you enjoyed [signing off... toria malia]

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