Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i was going to wait a little while before i got into this topic but since its fresh in my mind... i might as well discuss it now.....

simply put... i can't stand [99.9%] of the female population that i know.

why? you may ask...

well for one: why is it that when a girls EX [or not so much EX] starts talking to another girl... she automatically gets mad at that girl and not the guy. like really tho chick... your man played just as much a role in this as i [if not more].

two: girls stay hating. learn to embrace the next chick, respect the next chick, appreciate the next chick... no need for the jealousy and unnecessary evil glares. life is way too short to walk around hating the next person. believe it or not, you're the only one losing sleep over it. i've always been the type who paid respect when respect was due... other girls need to learn to do the same.

three: DRAMA! the one thing i try to always avoid... i hate it with a passion. GIRLS, the one species here on earth that seem to always keep that shit going. "okay boo boo... we know you don't like me and [quite frankly] i dont like you... but must you remind the world whenever you get a chance"... ALL THE DRAMA IS NOT NECCESSARY... what good has ever come out of drama??? none that i can think of.

with all that being said... ladies, try to learn to be cordial to the next girl. i'm not saying you have to be "buddy buddy" BUT you most certainly dont have to put on the "stank face" everytime you see her... "smile, happiness you
can model it"

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