Tuesday, February 24, 2009

embrace your martian

just a few photos from when i was playing star wars... [i have a nephew hence why i was playing star wars].

sometimes i wish i could just go back to those days when i had no worries... i came home from school with a work sheet that took all of 6 minutes, then grabbed a fruit rollup and juice box, ran outside, rolled around in the grass, climbed trees, dug up worms, sidewalk chalk!!!, then came in watched Doug and Rocko's Modern Life... Double Dare 2000 and Legends of a Hidden Temple, then i could sit in the tub for my nightly bubble bath and i would play with my barbies [that were missing an arm and had heads that were sunken in] forever until my fingers pruned, then i would get out and go sit at the dinner table and my mom always made something i liked [now she be trying to be healthy and shit], damn i miss those days

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  1. haha! this is something me and my girls would do jus for the hell of it!