Wednesday, February 18, 2009

nope... i dont BANG wit em

so i got my bangs cut the other day [normally i just have my side sweeping bangs] but i decided that i wanted something a bit more bolder, edgier, and unexpected from me so i got blunt bangs cut [straight across my forehead]... umm i'm not feeling them right now [maybe they'll grow on me... maybe not] BUT until then... headbands all the way!!!!!!!!!!

my inspiration... yet again.
first it was my attempt at Rihanna infamous bob during summer 2007...
now my stab at this...
my hair cut actually turned out to look like this [cute right?] but its just not my look
rihanna, imma whoop yo ass next if you keep giving me these crazy ideas to go get my hair chopped and screwed

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