Tuesday, March 24, 2009

where is the freaking sun?

i want to wear my new sunglasses but it still feels like November 17th outside (in other words, its still cold)...
this cold weather, thats still present as we approach the month of April, is so upsetting. i went out brought a new spring wardrobe and its just sitting in the closet, getting all dusty. smh at mother nature. get your act together B.

word of the week...

this week's word:

nonversation: A completely worthless conversation, wherein nothing is illuminated, explained or otherwise elaborated upon. Typically occurs at parties, bars or other events where meaningful conversation is nearly impossible.

example: Smith: "What a waste of time it is talking to that guy".
Jones: "I know, every time I do, it's like a complete nonversation".

i picked this word because as some of you might know, i am going through a HELL WEEK (a.k.a the university is basically raping me) and it pisses me off when i'm in the library trying to get my study on and random people you barely every talk to come by and try to start a nonversation. save it for the next person, please and thankyou.

brought to you be the always hilarious people who post at urbandictionary.com...

Lady Ga Ga A Thief?

is it just me or is lady ga ga biting some of britney's outfits from a past video???... check out these videos and let me know what you think.

first bite: blue get-up (originated in Britney Spear's "Toxic" video). shown at 0:58 in Lady Ga Ga's "Poker Face" video

second bite: embellished skin (originated in B. Spears "Toxic" video). shown at 0:10 [and throughout the whole video] in Lady Ga Ga's "Love Game" video

p.s. i still love lady ga ga and hope to have a "hair-bow" soon
and always remember, its best to be original

Friday, March 20, 2009

soo oh, shit, damn...

Electrik Red...
i discovered them on myspace a while back and thought "ok, they sound good... i like there ish" but then i saw their video to "so good" and i feel in love. their debut album "how to be a lady" drops on April 12th... i'm definitely coping it and it'll be the first girl-group album i've purchased in FOREVER... here is the link for their video for "so good"... enjoy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

urban dictionary nonsense

in response to my new found obsession with stalking solange on twitter...

A group of friends on Twitter (social network) that are planning to meet up. A request by a user to meet with friends via Twitter.

example: "Hey @user1 and @user2, u guys wanna tweetup at the Nickelback concert at Mariner?"

"keep it cute or put it on mute"

last week on ANTM...
1. ladies got makeovers
  • i love love love Fo, Allison, and Aminta's makeovers, they looked great [but maybe i'm biased because they're my favorites]
  • Sandra's makeover [the short blond fade-thingy] ughhh smh. not cute ---> like Aminta said "keep it cute or put it on mute" boo boo. you're UGLY and RUDE... go home.
2. covergirl ish challenge
3. photo shoot: finding the light
4. Jessica [Ms. Puerto Rico] went home...

signing off [top model diva but my name not eva]

guy of the week (still on halt)

it's official... the pool from which to choose guys from is lacking [i might have to resort too my personal buddies because the male models are upsetting me]

until i find a "lets go little kitty kat" worthy guy, there will be no guy of the week. maybe a "reject of the week" will be in replacement ['cause clearly there are plenty of them].

anyways... if you have any suggestion// leave them.

signing off [girl of the year]

i'm back

ok... i'm half way through hell week #1 so i though it would be okay for me to drop in for a little.
one more test this week and then i'm free.... then STRUT week starts. you definitely will not be hearing from me again until after my next fashion show which is next saturday so hold tight.

[ms. i attend one helluva school]

Thursday, March 12, 2009


i've decided to take a little break from blogging, twitter, facebook, and the likes.
i go to uva, where your best is not good enough so i have to step up my school grind and get things done.
it doesn't help that i'm never here [at school] because of this modeling thing so i have to make a conscious effort to stay on top of all things school related. i've gotten my priorities a little out of wack so starting now i'm going to get things straight. i don't know how long i'll be gone, hopefully not too long. sorry to all the dedicated readers who look forward to what i have to say... i promise, when i get back i'll be doing bigger and better things for you all....

until then
signing off [ms. i go to one helluva school]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


my girl's video for T.O.N.Y.

Monday, March 9, 2009

love vs. money

the album [love vs. money] is on point... if you don't own it, go get it ASAP

my favorite tracks: #3. #10. #11.

signing off [ms. fancy]

Thursday, March 5, 2009


always been a fan of Givenchy fragrances but... there hangbags and other accessories are climbing there way up to the top of my favs list. love their ADS... check them out. and i would trade my sisters in for that bag [just joking, not really]

boy of the week

Terrence Krepp
cutie. could get the business if he wanted.
p.s. he is my friend on facebook so just in case he sees this, the picture is stolen from his myspace.
p.p.s. im not a stalker... just very into modeling :]


next winter break i plan on basking in the sun, laying on Larache beach, eating Cous Cous and Lamb, all while brushing up on my Arabic because........ i plan on being in Morocco!!! no plans have been made but i'm going to start working on it... i've visted west Africa so now its my time to check out the north!!! hopefully this trip goes down!

americas next UNKNOWN model

so last night cycle 12 of ANTM premiered...
same old, same old.
nothing new... except theres a burn survivor, a girl with epilepsy, a 6'1 girl [with a fro that adds 3 extra inches], a blexican, and a girl who is fascinated with nose bleeds... oh and dont forget
Sandra [my least fav... shes a bitch and has bad skin]

my top two picks are...

p.s. SMH to the fact that there is now going to be a season of ANTM for the SHAWTIES... (short girls)

signing off [top model diva]

need to step my DY game up

so i was reading April's issue of Vogue when i saw this David Yurman ad and it reminded me of how much i used to love David Yurman... especially that one Mothers Day when my mom got that David Yurman bracelet that was worth more than me and my two sisters combined... dang, my one little bangle ain't cutting it. I need to step my David Yurman game up... next purchase, DY sunglasses! yay!