Sunday, April 26, 2009

restless confessions

it's approximately 1:50am and i've yet to put a dent in all the writing i have to do for school. just a few more days until i'm free for the summer.

so i'm sitting here just starring into space, vibing to good music, and i have this weird, but good feeling going on inside of me. i can't explain it but i like it and it grows better and better with each passing day. as of lately, i've been smiling a lot. everything's good. not letting anything stress me [besides my cognitive psychology class but thats another story]. no complaints whatsoever. the weather has been beautiful. the summer is fast approaching. i've managed to surround myself with amazing people. i love my family. my life is great.

just missing one thing, but i know that that void will be filled soonerthanlater...

random thoughts in 5...4...3...2...1,

1. i can't stop smiling :)

2. nothings better than good chocolate and cold water as a late night snack.

3. india arie and john legend are coming to charlottesville.

4. current songs on repeat: and i: jill scott, anytime, anyplace: janet jackson, all for love: bilal

5. still writing about African feminism

6. i love simplicity. soft kisses. spontaneity. creativity. demeanor. summer nights. thought provoking conversation. late night pillow talk sessions. music that makes me feel. individuals. silence at the right moments. falling asleep with socks on and waking up barefooted. cool breezes. making others happy. pride. spiritual beings.

7. i really wish girls [especially college women] would stop wearing big neon colored plastic jewelry now.

8. i wish luther vandross was still alive today. along with w.e.b. dubois.

9. i wish i owned that pastel graphic print knit skirt by topshop that i saw in vogue's march [?] issue

10. happy birthday chris.

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