Monday, May 25, 2009


slowly stars go out each night
dark meets light, kiss the sun goodnight
new day comes, as if life just begun
you're now mine
and everytime you hold my hand,
theres an understanding of who i am
new life is born, unlike before
i'm now yours
you can feel it in the summer breeze
tonight, the world's at ease
you are the one for me
after all the waiting i can finally breathe
earth and sky say what they may
i will love you all throughout my days
happiness happens when our hearts combine
when its you i'm with i come alive
it's just so clear to see
darling, we're meant to be
your love is like amazing grace
sound so sweet i can almost taste
i've been given more than what i could ever ask for
i am yours

melissa polinar: meant to be
she puts into words exactly how i feel right now.

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