Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ftw and ftl

  • so after viewing the many pictures that have surfaced of rihanna and cassie, i got this somewhat strange/somewhat brilliant idea to get a new, fun piercing... too bad i'm terrified of the pain and i probably wouldn't keep it long... just like my belly button, cartilage, and seconds holes that no longer exist. anyways... just a thought that will vanish from my mind as soon as i finish t y p i n g this sentence. :D
  • The Frog Princess: i heard about Disney working on their first animated film featuring a BLACK princess and i jumped for joy... i was a bit concerned at first about how she would be portrayed by Disney but after seeing the trailers on t.v. i must say that i'm pleased thus far... definitely going to check this out, after i see the freaking hannah montana movie thats been out forever lls.
  • mother's day was a success... my 2 younger sisters, older brother, and i cooked dinner for my mother, grandmother, and greatgrandmother (and i did MOST of the work) and everything turned out well, except that jerk chicken my brother made which was definitely for the loss but i think all the MOMMYS in my life enjoyed... especially my grand-grandmother who was sipping champaign (smh).
  • i love the fact that i failed all the tests in my cognitive psychology class, did okay on the final, and walked away with a C+ and what makes me even more happy is the fact that the rest of my grades are As and Bs... YAY ME!!! for studying and working hard and the place of torture also known as the University of Virginia.
  • because ANTM, The Hills, and Desperate Housewives have been disappointing me lately, I decided to watch Gossip Girls tonight and it was rather entertaining... plus the cast's outfits were so cute.
  • Ciara///if this chick doesn't stop swagger jacking the 2 baddest chicks in the game, Beyonce and Rihanna, i might scream... get your own style. theres nothing worse than a copy-cat and a weak imitation. every time i see her [well pictures and videos of her] i say to myself, "i definitely saw that same photo layout in a beyonce promotional ad or i definitely saw those types of shoes paired with a jacket like that on rihanna 2 weeks ago"
  • speaking of copy-cats, Bravo's new TV show "THE RUNWAY" is the worst... its a wanna be Project Runway that will never compare. the hosts suck, the designers are sub-par, and the models are questionable. just shaking my head at the lack of creativity out nowadays...
  • what is up with facebook and their desire to change and rearrange the website every three moments. its annoying.
  • lookbook.nu: its my new obsession but i'm disappointed at the lack of colored people on the site... i know plenty of stylish people of color so people starting showcasing your style.
  • hustle and flow is on MTV right now and this has got to be one of the worst movies ever.

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  1. I ♡ Gossip Girl, I am an avid watcher, I even schedule classes around it lºl,
    Their style is freakin' amazing ...
    and I am super sad the season ends next week