Sunday, May 3, 2009

yes and no

this weeks favs and not so favs....

  • done with second year therefore i'm halfway there. such a good feeling.
  • booked 3 shoots in one week... on the come-up, definitely ftw.
  • Mos Def banned the use of the N-word in his upcoming film, Next Day Air (which happens to be a black comedy so this is sorta a big deal.... love it)
  • the Met Gala tonight... can't wait to bring you news on what all the fashionistas were wearing
  • a black girl won playmate of the year! although her hair always looks terrible...
  • expressing feelings... natural high for the rest of the day :) i love when some one confirms what you already suspect. it makes life so much easier. [p.s. i know that you're reading this and i hope it makes you smile]
  • the rain. i was happy went it rained the first couple of days because it helped washed some of the pollen away so that i could function like a normal person but its supposed to be raining for the rest of the week and i'm not looking forward to it. sun please come back out, i want to play.
  • last nights episode of desperate housewives was a disappointment... 4 more episodes left in the season and thats all they could come up with. i thought for sure someone would get killed like always or some extra unexpected drama would go down but sadly, that wasn't the case.
  • moved out of my apartment and i have soooo much stuff to organize... especially the tons of laundry i have to do. definitely not fun but i'll get it done.
  • nas and kelis getting a divorce. so sad... i love them two together and i don't want them to part. what is the world coming to?
  • thinking about changing my style... less girly, more edgy. what do you think?

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