Thursday, May 14, 2009

to-do list

here goes my random to-do list for this summer...

  1. buy and wear grey nail polish
  2. new car :D
  3. become official
  4. get back on top of my surfing game
  5. photoshoots like shit
  6. read Kaffir Boy and Black Boy again
  7. buy Hannah Montana movie on DVD and get her new album
  8. spend lots of quality time with him
  9. start to change my style... less girly, more edgy (we'll see how this goes)
  10. take care of my hair because it always gets damaged during the summer months
  11. take out that sick ass sewing machine i had to have and actually put it to use
  12. work on my singing skills
  13. tan, tan, and more tan
  14. learn how to bake my own pound cake
  15. wii fit while drunk
  16. kayaking lessons
  17. good concerts
  18. save money... instead of spending all that i have
  19. continue working out in the gym
  20. and plan for the best fashion show that will be taking place in fall 09

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