Saturday, May 23, 2009


here is a poem that i found in my old sketch-book from 10th grade.

innocent and wide eyed,
i look into a chaotic and scattered world.
my world.
masked by beauty which glows,
tender and elegant on the outside,
customized to perfection.
worn and broken on the inside,
but yet i continue.
many dreams that one day
will come true.
i sit observing all there is to take in,
hoping someday that this masked world of mine,
will be uncovered and restored.
black and white,
so different and unconnected.
will the two ever unite in synchronization?
the white dominates the space around me,
but as many little pieces of me are exposed,
a true awareness of who i am is revealed.
the little speck,
which feels insignificant at times,
tucked away in the bottom right hand corner, shines.
i am aware of all,
sensitive to the fact that i still sit.
curiously waiting for change.

its about my experience at an all white school for 8 years.

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