Saturday, June 6, 2009

summer style.

Summer seems to be the one time of the year in which the possibilities concerning fashion are limitless. Unrestricted by the cold, bitter winter, one can fully express themselves through their clothing. The summer months are both hot and refreshing, free and structured, long and short; and the same holds true for summer fashion. The trends of the spring have leaked over into the summer and are revamped, altered, and taken to a whole new level. There is so much to be said about summer fashion and I don't want to leave anything uncovered: beach wear, accessories, shoes, fabrics, colors... all the latest, hot styles are brought to you by me.
  • The summer is all about beaches, pools, and lounging around in swim wear so it’s important that you're gear is on point. The one shoulder, new to swimwear, standouts and is sure to complement any body type. One shoulder bikinis, one pieces, and tankinis have surfaced all over and are here to stay. The one shoulder, in any color, print, or style, is sure to set you apart as the hottest beach babe this summer. Along with the one shoulder swimsuit, bondage swim wear has made its debut. Pioneered by the hype surrounding Herve Ledger's strappy bondage dresses this spring, this trend in swimwear mirrors. This sexy trend in swimwear is perfect for all divas ready to make a bold fashion statement this summer. Guys, this season go for printed beach wear. And by prints, I don't mean the tropical, Hawaiian print trunks we see every summer; this summer it’s all about stripes, plaids, and other bold geometric prints. This season's trends in swim wear are far from simple so get creative with them and explore that which hasn't been done before.
  • For the ladies, your accessories this season should resemble arts and crafts projects. Big, colorful, and gaudy should all be on your accessory check list. Marc Jacobs and Valentino mastered the art of craftiness with their summer jewelry collections. In terms of handbags, the name says it all. This season, large hand held clutches are all the rave. Functional for the summer and fashionable at the same time, large clutches will complement any outfit this summer. Retro sunglasses are in style for both men and women. Metal frame and thick framed shades are hot looks for this summer that'll have you looking like the superstar that you are. Another trend in accessories for men, that tried to make its way into the hands of men all over a few years ago, was the man bag. The key to mastering this trend is keeping it simple. Solid, neutral color bags, not too big and not too small are sure to be a good look this season for all the fashion-savvy guys. Just remember keep your accessories updated and fun and you'll be fine.
  • Sandals are always a popular staple amongst summer footwear for the ladies and this season the more flat the sandal, the better. Whether strappy or simple, completely flat sandals are the way to go. Along with being super cute, flat sandals are ultra-comfortable and perfect for summer days on the beach and summer nights out with your friends. Also, collar sandals are making their way onto the fashion scene and are a must have for ladies this summer. Instead of the typical ankle straps, these sandals have a collar which is both fun and fashionable and sure to make others look with envy. For the guys, this season's footwear is simple and classic. Four words: I'm on a boat. This season’s go-to shoe for guys is the always dependable, always stylish boat shoe. Whether the classic Sperry or the updated boat shoe by Vans, the boat shoe is perfect for this season. Along with boat shoes, Clae shoes are a must for stylish guys this summer. Simple, light weight and in all the hottest colors for the season, the Clae collections are sure to have something to match your own personal style.
  • The difference between that which is hot and that which is not lies within fabrics. Often overlooked, fabric is the one thing that can "make it" or "break it". This season, designers really stepped outside of their element and explored fabrics not commonly used for the summer months. Many designers have decided to get fancy and use silk as their staple fabric for their summer collections. Seen all throughout Matthew Williamson's capsule collection for H&M, this luxurious fabric is one that is sure to make you shine whether you're at a concert or out on a date during the upcoming long summer nights. Burlap, also known as the cloth used to make potato sacks, has been upgraded and made fashionable this season. Designers like Miu Miu and Burberry, have revamped this coarse and heavy material into something beautiful for the summer. Burlap has been used for handbags, dresses, shoes, and much more so be sure to find the look which is right for you so that you can be rocking the latest trend in fabric for the season.
  • As always, color is a big part of fashion and this season two unexpected colors have stood out on the color wheel. Seen from catwalk to catwalk, beige and orange are definitely the colors of the season and now it’s time to bring them to the streets. Beige: Some argue that it is not really a color, but this season it is making a bold statement as the hottest color on the pallet. Springing up as a color to be reckoned with in last summer's "safari" themed collections, beige has made its way into 2009's fashion full-force. On all the hottest catwalks, this faint color stood out as the most powerful and beautiful color used for this season's many designs. Known as a natural color, beige fits in with the bohemian and tribal looks of the season and therefore, is perfect. Another color of this season is the traffic stopping orange. It's red and yellow undertones complement the summer's atmosphere so nicely and that's why this earthy and summery hue should be included in your wardrobe. Burnt orange, vitamin C orange, carrot orange, and orange peel orange are all acceptable hues for this season. Both warm and happy, this color is perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Summer and fashion have a lot in common so be sure to explore the similarities amongst the two and use them to help guide you to fashion bliss.

-Toria Malia

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