Friday, June 12, 2009

7 deadly sins

so after watching this interview with pharrell williams about his sculpture in which he collaborated with takashi murakami and jacob the jeweler, i began to think about 7 things which i can not live without.

here are my lists:

important things:
  • family: the essence of my being. the people who make life worth living.
  • love: i'm a sucker for love. definitely a love, not a fighter.
  • education: i'm a nerd; i love school.
  • peace of mind: (not the song but the concept)
  • music: good stuff.
  • sunshine: tans, summer, long warm nights; love love love it.
  • simplicity/organization: neat freak, borderline OCD.
  • cardigans: anemic and always cold so i live for cardigans. i don't think i've gone a whole day without wearing one. even in the summer.
  • pound cake: ukrops pound cake or my aunt's recipe; both for the win!
  • caffeine (diet coke/ starbucks): self explanatory.
  • non reality television (hannah montana/ desperate housewives): i hate "i love ____" or "for the love of ___ " shows
  • victoria secret's pink collection: ;-)
  • flip flops: tried wearing them throughout the winter, but my mom quickly reminded me that i'm not white. lls.
  • mixtapes: keep me company during long lonely nights.
what 7 things show up on your list?

-toria malia


  1. Pharrell is so great at expressing his creativity.

  2. ok under your objects/items--> flip flops....i had the SAME experience with my mom. hilarious.