Saturday, June 6, 2009

green with envy

once upon a time i thought of jealousy as a trait exclusive to females, but as i get older and come in contact with more and more males i've drawn the conclusion that guys do in fact display jealous ways. i will not go as far as to say that its just as wide-spread amongst males as it is with females and nor will i say that the jealously is to the same degree but, there is no doubt that it is present. i have a friend, of the xy chromosome make-up, who is quite jealous natured. i can't help but to see him in a feminine light simply because i equated jealously to females (as a result of numerous encounters both direct and indirect with jealous females) for such a long period of time. there seems to be a new epidemic in which bitch as niggas (excuse my use of this term) are running ramped. i'm well aware of the fact that generally guys are extremely competitive, but since when do guys go around talking about the next guy behind his back in a beyond manipulative way in hope of dimming his shine??? nothings worse than a guy that results to bitchassness due to his inability to compete. so the next guy can dress better than you, hoop better than you, and his girl looks better than yours, but why not step your game up and work towards obtaining that which you seek rather than knocking someone else success??? its disgusting in my opinion.

p.s. i don't condone jealousy amongst females either, but i thought i would discuss the males since it seems to be a growing trend. let me know what you think.

-toria malia

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