Saturday, June 6, 2009


"If someone wants to copy you, they're immediately revealing themselves as a weak competitor. If a rival sets out to mimic you they're inevitably 2 or 3 months behind you and they're not the kind of dynamic, inventive personality who is likely to present a real challenge."

lately i've been trying to weed through the people in my life, discover who's real, and get rid of the counterfeits. nothing upsets me more than a carbon copy; someone who can't think for them self. take a second and stop to think about the most creative and original person you know. now stop and think about the many people you know that try to imitate that person. how wonderful would the world be if everyone was their own person? life would be all the more interesting. instead, "different" is now a trend; people strive to take and label others style, demeanor, and ways as their own. its quit sickening personally. we all have minds, unique to every single one of us, but very few of us take it upon ourselves to explore the possibilities of one's self.

furthermore, the one thing that irritates me more than a sub-par carbon copy is a person who imitates another, but claims their style, demeanor, and/or ways to be exclusively theirs. i can think of so many people who live by these unjust ways. they discover a new artist, a new clothing label, or a new spot via someone else and swear to god that they were the first person to run across this new, great discovery when in actuality they're nothing more than a Christopher Columbus. smh.

anyways, as always, i encourage all to be themselves. don't love something simply because your neighbor likes it. you might just surprise yourself with how innovative, creative, or different you own ideas are.

-toria malia

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