Sunday, July 26, 2009

you asked for it...

many have taken offense to this commerical for one of those "text you question to..." companies in which a common sterotype about african american women is depicted... unfortunately, all i can do is laugh at this commercial because sadly, it is the truth. your "natural" weave did in fact come from that little billie goat/yak in the yard... claim it, love it, wear it. lls.

p.s. take note of the asian lady in the background doing nails...

and always remember that stereotypes are based on reality... no they do not apply to all but they are not 100% false


  1. have you ever worn a weave? if so how was your experience?
    if not, why not?

  2. i have, but only for fashion shows... my hair is fairly long so i have no reason to wear them, but based on my experience hair extensions are hard to manage (and hair dressers for my shows have always put in the 'best' thats supposed to be super manageable)... i don't like the feeling of not being able to comb and brush my own hair & feel my scalp.

    i also have lots of friends who wear them 24/7 and they are constantly worried about if a track is showing, if the hair is sitting right, if its tangled, how to wash it, etc. and furthermore, their hair has been severely damaged as a result. nothing is wrong with weave... if you:
    1. get the good kind
    2. have it properly installed
    3. give your own natural hair time to breath
    4. care to manage it

    nothing against weaves, just not for me.