Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this is my boyfriend's idea.

lets make this as simple as possible and cut straight to the point...ladies, stop your whining. lately it seems like every female around me is complaining about how hard it is to find a significant other. i like to play devil's advocate so its only right that i begin by stating that LADIES, you are, in fact, the problem. let's be real for a second... on numerous occasions i've sat and listened to girls cry and whine about how they're just no good men and in the same breath they prove to me why they're alone.

for starts, a lot of females seem to think they're entitled to a good man. is that right girl? psssh please... you can't be serious when you say you want a "good" man, but you bring nothing to the plate. i know females who once were in a relationship with "good" men/boys, but as a result of their own actions, they brought about the demise of the relationship. constant nagging, jealous spirited ways, lack of trust, princess mentality. in all honesty, none of these qualities are going to keep someone worth keeping around for long. i thank god that i naturally developed what i call "good girlfriend syndrome". they're rules to maintaining a good relationship:
  • rule #1: don't question your significant others every move. trust serves as the substance and foundation of any relationship therefore, a relationship without trust is nothing more than in culmination of shattered dreams.
  • rule #2: leave your jealous ways behind. its not a good look. jealousy shows insecurity and insecurity is a weakness that will push any man away. i always say to myself "i'm beautiful and smart with a great personality... who's competing?" recognize whats special about you and keep reminding yourself.
  • rule #3: throw some dryer sheets into your relationship and "de-cling". become over attached in a relationship could be a bad thing... especially early on.
  • rule #4: let things progress naturally: don't push a certain agenda or force anything thats not occurring on its on.
anyways, i'm no expert so if you are reading this post a comment letting myself and other readers know what rules you feel should be in a relationship.

until next time...

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