Thursday, July 30, 2009

black barbie.

after finding about Franca Sozzani's ingenious black barbie issue of italian vogue, a spin off from the successful july 2008 all black issue, i was inspired to write a post dedicated to all the black barbies in my life [and somewhat distant].

  • my mother. my heart. my soul. and everything in between. shes my everything and i wouldn't be the person i am today with out her. in my opinion, she exudes what a true black barbie is because shes both beautiful and strong. she inspires all those around her and truly has and will continue to make an impact on the world.
  • my two litte sisters. lawren & larelle. although we fuss. fight. and argue all the time. they are my road dogs and the sunshine in my life.
  • my aunt. thalia. she's such an oprah wanna-be but shes both loving and caring and those are qualities that i admire and appreciate.
  • my granny and momma rose. such beauties. with such grace. i'm glad i inherited their genes.
  • god sisters. the twins. kelsey & kristal. they're such happy young ladies & i've always looked up to them.
  • ms. karen. she hooks my hair up. she always calls me wack, but i forgive her. how many young ladies do you know with a master's degree in psychology & a cosmetology license???
  • chanel iman. she doesn't know this, but i love her. shes just so beautiful and gives off such great vibes.
  • yvonne vera. read a novel written by her and you'll understand why. r.i.p.
  • whitney b. warner. most fashionable girl i know. such a sweetheart. everyone should have a friend like her.
  • shannon dolphin. another sweetheart with so much talent.
  • selam a. this girl is amazing. definitely a future ceo.
  • joyner j. how can you not appreciate someone who always speaks the truth? love her.
  • rachel. such wisdom at such a young age.
  • kendall. maybe one of the sweetest girls i know.
  • safiya. such creativity. future roomie.
there are more but here are just a few who've crossed my mind lately. love you all if you're reading this.

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  1. Toria,
    i can't wait to page through your magazine some day!- (including the celeb gossip, Swagger Maintenance 101, and practical remedies on how to get that $20,000 look for less).

    Though you'll probably have to send my subscription somewhere abroad, it'll be well worth the postage. Or, there's always the option of going back to Africa and delivering it personally :)

    continue being the millenium barbie you are, Beckyy. <3