Thursday, October 22, 2009


  • #ruleofrelationships make sure you have rules in a relationship. you don't wanna look back and be like "damn, smh"
  • #ruleofrelationships don't claim you're wifey material and then act otherwise
  • #ruleofrelationships NEVER say it unless you mean it... the worst thing to have in a relationship is REGRET
  • #ruleofrelationships remember that sideline hoes r nothin more than bench warmers... wishin & hopin to get in the game but it never happens
  • #ruleofrelationships FB is just FB... dont treat it as your personal relationship investigator/detective. the ish you see on FB is nothing more than ish 
  • #ruleofrelationships get to know your significant other deeper than what you can find in their "about me" section of facebook
  • #ruleofrelationships ladies, if you got a good man, hold on to him tight. recognize that he's good and ignore all the outside bullshit
  • #ruleofrelationship cater to your man... they like to feel special to. cook, clean, back rub, new position. ha.
  • #ruleofrelationships never push a specific agenda in a relationship. let that shit naturally develop & grow. it'll be worth it in the end
  • #rulesofrelationships never question who's writing on your bf's wall... 9/10 its just some female tlkin to herself. ha
  • #rulesofrelationships don't get advice from your friend who's relationship is NOT working
  • #rulesofrelationships accept that person for everything they are and everything they aren't
  • #rulesofrelationships memorize at which point in the month she gets her cycle. it'll explain alot 
  • #rulesofrelationships be in tuned with each others needs and fulfill any wants in the process
  • #rulesofrelationships keep it spicy, updated, and fun 
  • #rulesofrelationships grow together 
  • #rulesofrelationships Know a woman's worth

 i'm no expert.

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