Thursday, December 3, 2009

used & abused

lets redirect our attention from chris brown & rihanna to tiger woods.
domestic abuse, it can happen to ANYONE right?

well... yes. although 85-95% of domestic violence cases involve a female victim, there are the few cases in which the male is the victim.

current case up for discussion that falls into that 5-15% : Tiger Woods.

according to news sources,

"Tiger Woods got into a car wreck around 2:20am Friday morning. He wasn’t ruled as “under the influence,” so what caused him to ram into a fire hydrant less than 30 feet from his driveway?

Sources are reporting that his wife, Elin, got uber pissy with him after that story of the him cheating with some chick hit the net. She scratched his face up after a verbal argument (despite reports originally concluding the scratches came from the accident), he tried to speed away from the house, Elin chased and banged his car down with a golf club, and then the wreck occurred."

if we believe this to be true, why is it that Elin is getting much praise for her actions?

chris brown took to twitter saying this: @MechanicalDummy: the world is so onesided... case closed? just like that.

Elin ABUSED Tiger but people aren't running to every online social networking site, gossip blog, etc. to criticize her actions... instead people are saying

  • succeeded at the biggest come up of the decade; reworkin their pre-nup agreement so that Elin had to stay with Tiger for 2 years (which she’s already done) to get $300 million rather than the original 10 year/$20 million agreement
  • On a scale of 1 to chris brown I'm Elin Woods mad
  • Elin has just released her own line of golf clubs.... the only clubs you can beat tiger with

i agree 100% with chris.

yes, i am aware that Tiger cheated and she acted out of vengeance but does that excuse it?

in my opinion, no. abuse is abuse and no one has the right to put there hands on another person in attempts to do harm, be they man or woman. why does this double standard still exist?

growing up, i was always told that a man should never hit a woman and i believe this to be true. but do women have the right to act abusive towards men? i don't think so but i want to know what you guys think so chime in.

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  1. Toria, I love that you have a blog and I love it!

    I wouldn't call what Elin Woods did abuse. Physical abuse entails ongoing, recurrent situations of physical violence. I understand your general point, that violence, regardless of who is committing it, is immature, unnecessary, and bad. However, given the statistics you sited, domestic violence is more problematic for women. Women are more adept at handling their emotions and resort to violence less often than men do, which explains the discrepancy between men and women who endure domestic violence. Elin didn't abuse Tiger. She assualted him. She shouldn't have. Violence is not acceptable. However, can you imagine the angst and humiliation she must feel after it has been revealed to millions of people that her husband has been as unfaithful as a man could be? Adultery is difficult for anyone but image if half the world is watching you.

    I'm only leaving this comment because I have been really disappointed with the issues that have become the standard domestic violence issues. Domestic violence is serious, especially for women (although I understand some men endure it too). But more female bodies show up on shores, in the woods, in trunks, etc. than do men. Rihanna and Chris are not an accurate example of the typically devastating situation that is domestic violence. Neither is Tiger and Elin. And it is kind of insulting to women who wake up everyday to a beating they don't deserve to compare them to an emotionally unstable/immature couples (RiRi and Chris) or circumstances complicated by adultery (Tiger and Elin).

    And for real, I would have done way, way, way worse stuff than Elin did if my husband humiliated me like that in front of millions of people. Skrait up.