Sunday, September 13, 2009


today, as i was editing my layout for "lets go little kitty kat", i came across a blog that i posted a few months back which included my to-do list for summer 09. unfortunately, i didn't complete everything on my list, but the most important items are definitely checked off... take a look.

  1. buy and wear grey nail polish [CHECK]
  2. new car [CHECK]
  3. become official [CHECK]
  4. get back on top of my surfing game
  5. photoshoots like shit [CHECK]
  6. read Kaffir Boy and Black Boy again [CHECK]
  7. see Hannah Montana movie on DVD [CHECK]
  8. spend lots of quality time with him [CHECK]
  9. start to change my style... less girly, more edgy (we'll see how this goes) [CHECK]
  10. take care of my hair because it always gets damaged during the summer months [CHECK]
  11. take out that sick ass sewing machine i had to have and actually put it to use
  12. work on my singing skills
  13. tan, tan, and more tan [CHECK]
  14. learn how to bake my own pound cake
  15. wii fit while drunk [CHECK]
  16. kayaking lessons
  17. good concert(s) [CHECK]
  18. save money... instead of spending all that i have [CHECK]
  19. continue working out in the gym [CHECK]
  20. and plan for the best fashion show that will be taking place in fall 09 [CHECK]
happy to know that i can look back on my summer and pin point the meaningful things i did, rather than recalling long bummy days and night. going to work on #4, #11, #12, #16. but in the meantime, i'm in the process of setting goals for the fall... will update you all.

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