Monday, August 31, 2009


i never understood people who are so anti-something but everytime you turn around they are going on and on about how
  • wack
  • sketch
  • stupid
  • mainstream
  • annoying
  • unimpressive
  • etc.
that something is. in all honesty, you come off as an undercover obsessed psycho-maniac. personally, if I didn't like something like MTV for example, I wouldn't make it my business to bad talk MTV every chance I get. your opinion really isn't that important. if you don't like something, you don't like it. but must you remind the world whenever you get a chance. the simple fact that you put so much energy into discussion of this thing that you don't like makes it seem like you, in fact, secretly love it. so next time you are anti-something, approach it in a logical way. if you really don't like MTV thats fine but don't bring up MTV in every other breath you take (make sure you actions are in accordance with your words). thank you.

listening to: nerd- anti-matter
reading: henry james- daisy miller

such a effing multitasker :]

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